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Run Right, Feel Better, Be Better

You've taken up running. You feel energised. The weight's falling off and you've got a new lease of life. Now, you want to push yourself a little harder - The PB around the back garden has been smashed and you're looking for a greater challenge. This weekend many of you undertook the Hero Assault Course and many more of you are signed up for the City of Preston 10k in September. Good for you, but...We've noticed that some of you are working with dodgy equipment i.e. Your musculoskeletal system. You'd be surprised by just how many runners are tanking about with a misaligned pelvis, a twisted rib cage or another issue that impacts upon their running. So many people have become accustomed to the idiosyncracies of their bodies that they have no idea they're bent out of shape. However, on our morning walks around Avenham and Miller Parks we see so many runners that are running with an impediment that is actually putting strain upon their body and making them more prone to injury. It's like going out on a bike with a bent wheel, or a wobbly seat - It'll get you around, but it could be so much better and the chances are chiropractic care could help. So, if you think your body could use a tune up, or you like an unfair edge over your competitors then book in with Kenworthy Chiropractic.

P.S. We really have seen a lot of people running in a way that could damage their bodies, so we're thinking about arranging a few talks with regard to the do's and dont's for effective and safe running. Anyone think this is a good idea, or is part of a group that would be interested, then just let us know (and best of all it'll be free).

Written by Stuart Kenworthy on