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July 19th - No Change

Please be aware that our existing Covid-19 prevention policy will remain in place after July 19th. Our governing body has stipulated this is the only safe way for us to continue to practice and our insurance is dependant upon it. Moreover, should any of our staff contract Covid we would have to close the clinic and the knock on effect of so many cancellations would have an impact for weeks to come. Therefore, we ask that prior to your appointment:

  • Should you experience any Covid-19 symptoms please inform us immediately. These now include a headache, runny nose, sore throat, sneezing.

  • If you have a family member in your household that is infected please do not attend the clinic.

  • If you have been contacted by track and trace, or believe you have been exposed to other people in a high risk environment, please do not attend the clinic.

  • If you have lateral flow tests available we would really appreciate it if you take one before attending (but this is not essential).

When Attending The Clinic:

  • Please wear a mask before you enter. If you do not have a mask, knock on the door you you will be provided with one.

  • Please sanitise your hands upon entering the clinic.

  • Note that we are using ventilation in the clinic rooms to prevent transmission. It might be a little noisier than usual, but it is necessary.

The next few weeks will be a real challenge as restrictions are relaxed and transmission is predicted to increase exponentially. With your continued support we believe we can continue to operate a full clinic as we have done throughout most of this crisis. Thank you so much for all your help and cooperation to date.

Written by Stuart Kenworthy on