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Kenworthy Chiropractic Torticollis

Fifty One 5 Star Reviews

Kenworthy Chiropractic has only been open since February 2017, but in that short time we've had some amazing feedback. We now have 51 five star reviews on Facebook and Google. We're very grateful to our patients for taking the time to review us and we're delighted they're so happy with their treatment. Here's one of our latest 5 star reviews with a photograph showing the improvement in baby's posture after just one visit: "Came here as recommended for my 3 month old son. He was presenting a "C" shape with his body and tilting his head to the left due to torticollis from a difficult delivery. Johanna could find what was wrong with our baby right away.The difference Johanna made with just the first visit was remarkable, our boy was so much straighter and happier after his vertebrae were corrected and his hip and neck treated. Cannot recommend enough. Excellent service and such friendly staff whom my baby absolutely loved."

Written by Stuart Kenworthy on