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Which Chiropractor Suits You?

If you've ever ordered an item from Ebay you'll probably be familiar with the occasional disparity between what you've ordered and what you actually receive. In my case this is usually because I've made a rushed purchase and not check the dimensions of the product ordered, or the small print. These rushed decisions end up causing a lot of disappointment and a great deal of faffing around to put right. Choosing the type of chiropractor that's right for you is even more important. Now, we're fortunate enough to have a high number of very positive reviews which means that people automatically assume we will be the right fit for them, but this isn't always the case.

A Quick Fix?

Kenworthy Chiropractic is a McTimoney chiropractic clinic. McTimoney treatments are holistic, which means the whole of the person will be treated, not just the main site of the issue. Of course, if you come in with a bad shoulder Johanna won't start working on your foot, she'll focus primarily on the shoulder. However, she will check to see if the shoulder issue has had any knock on effects on other parts of the body and will treat them accordingly. This means that our treatments last quite a long time i.e. 50 minutes for a new patient and 25 minutes for a follow up treatment. We believe this allows us to help a patient with the minimum number of appointments (no one wants to spend more than they have to) However, the General Chiropractic Council states that all patients must have a minimum of three treatments in order to be adequately treated. So, if you're expecting a quick fix in one treatment that won't happen. Some people feel better very quickly, but if an issue is long standing it can take time to address and will need the patient to work with the chiropractor to put it right.


Some patients watch a number of YouTube videos of chiropractic treatments before attending the clinic and arrive expecting to have their joints 'cracked' back into place. However, McTimoney treatments are far more gentle and less dramatic than this, whilst being equally effective. A McTimoney chiropractor uses swift hand movements to start the adjustment and it's the patients body that does the rest. So, if you want a loud crack when you're treated, then we're not the right chiropractors for you.


Many of our patients have reported that they benefit from wellness care i.e They attend the clinic several times a year to help prevent injury rather than waiting to be patched up every so often. We are more than happy to discuss long term treatment programs with our patients. We believe this is the most useful way to use chiropractic, but we're aware that there are many factors that might prevent a patient from adopting this approach, sot we never coerce our patients into taking treatments they don't want.

Kenworthy Chiropractic

We are a small family run business with one chiropractor (for now) and we aim to give a personal and friendly service. We aim to give our patients the best chiropractic care available whilst making their treatment as cost effective as possible. So, if after reading all this you believe we're the right clinic for you we look forward to seeing you.

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