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Tokyo Chiro

Johanna and I didn't spend very long in Japan due to a family bereavement. However, whilst waiting for flights home we were fortunate enough to see the famous cherry blossom and we came across this rather fascinating chiropractic establishment. From what we could see the patients turned up on spec and and waited. There were four chiropractors working alongside one another in a single room. There were no partitions whatsoever, which meant that the patients that were waiting could watch the treatments in progress, as could any pedestrians in the street. The chiropractic method favoured here was far more vigorous than the McTimoney method Johanna employs and seemed to involve lots of very firm adjustments and a fair deal of leaping about by the chiropractors. I'm not sure I would have been happy with this type of treatment, but the place was very popular. Who knows, maybe I'll give it a try when we return? For privacy's sake I took this picture of Johanna without the patients on show.

Written by Stuart Kenworthy on