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The Game Of Preston

Trying to get from A to B in Preston city centre these days can feel like you're playing a game that's almost impossible to win. Fishergate has been blocked off to all but business traffic. Pop up cycle lanes have cut other access points to the city centre and the Adelphi roundabout is still a no-go zone. So, here are some tips on strategy that should help you reach Kenworthy Chiropractic with the minimum of stress and make you feel like a winner in the game of Preston.

If you are visiting the clinic the main advice we can offer is to head for one of the main car parks that fringe the city centre. You can still get in and out of the St. George's Shopping Centre car park on Lune Street. You will also find easy access to the Avenham car park if you're coming in from London Road.

However, the best options overall are still the Fishergate Centre car park, or the St. Wilfred's Street Car Park (Behind Caffe Nero & Bruciannis). Stick to these car parks and you won't have any issues and you won't have very far to walk.

For those with impaired mobility we realise this is not much use at all. Those of you in possession of a disabled parking permit can park almost opposite Theatre Street in two spaces alongside Caffe Nero (which can still be accessed from ringway). However, if you need direct access to the clinic it might be worth calling the council to ask them how they might assist you.

Written by Stuart Kenworthy on