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Preston & Kenworthy Chiropractic 2

After the rather macabre history last week I’ve switched to my (Stuart) dad’s side of the family, although it’s not exactly a barrel of laughs. Pictured below are my great grandparents, Joshua and Mary Kenworthy. Joshua and Mary lived in a house (now demolished) in the Bow Lane area, just off Fishergate Hill. Joshua worked as a labourer and railway worker, whilst Mary raised two sons and also worked as a cleaner at County Hall. In spite of the physical demands of his job Joshua found time to play football for Chorley FC in the club’s earliest incarnation and was a keen supporter of Preston North End. Unfortunately, whilst watching PNE from the terraces Joshua got a soaking, developed pneumonia and eventually died at the age of 56. Mary was left to raise her two sons alone and garnered a reputation as quite a stern Victorian matriarch. However, Mary, or Nana as I knew her, was still with us when I was a little boy and I remember visiting her shortly before she died. This old, old lady from another era was all smiles and kindness towards me and she even gave me a silver sixpence (which really ages me). Today, Johanna and I live a stones throw from the site of Joshua and Mary’s old house and Kenworthy Chiropractic is just up the road on Theatre Street. I wonder what they would have made of us and our chiropractic clinic?

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