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Welcome to the Kenworthy Chiropractic news page. Check in frequently to find out what’s happening at the clinic. We’ll be posting all the latest news as well as hints and tips to improve your health, chiropractic articles, videos and even the occasional competition.

Doctor of Chiropractic Johanna McCormick will once again be offering free posture screens at the Preston Health Mela on Saturday 14th of April. Last year's even was a huge success and the Kenworthy Chiropractic stand was busy all day. In fact Johanna was screening other health care professionals before the event started and was still examining members of the public long after all the other stands had closed down. This is a great opportunity to get your musculoskeletal MOT absolutely free of charge, so do come along.

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Kenworthy Chiropractic will be closed on Good Friday (and Easter Monday, but we're always closed on a Monday). Otherwise we're ope as usual across the Easter break.

As I mentioned in a previous post, many of our patients have been kind enough to leave us glowing Google reviews. It means a lot to both of us. Here's another five star cracker from Anella: "If I could have a session every day, I would!! Having scoliosis has caused quite a few problems for me. Johanna has not only helped to massively relieve these problems already in just two sessions, she's also helped make sense of why I have them and what can be done to ease them as much as possible. I leave feeling lighter, empowered with a newfound understanding of my condition/problems and in a lot less pain. Thank you thank you thank you! Can't recommend her enough."

Kenworthy Chiropractic has been awarded the title of Best Chiropractic Clinic 2018 - Lancashire in The GHP Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Awards. Why not come along and see for yourself?

Recently, Kenworthy Chiropractic has been on the receiving end of some wonderful Google reviews. Here's one of them:

"The pain has been going on for years gradually restricting my life more and more . I’ve had massage of every description, lifts for my shoes , podiatry sessions, an operation booked, courses of physiotherapy and copious quantities of drugs to just “take the edge off” ... after my back woke me again in the middle of the night I found myself once again researching/trying to self diagnose - I came across Kenworthy Chiropractic ...I read the 5 star ⭐️ reviews and at 3am booked an appointment online! ...what can I say - I just wish I had done it months / years ago!!! Johanna and Stewart have created a modern practice that aim to treat in a few sessions as possible , there’s no ‘ cracking ‘ of backs/bones just a thorough assessment , a quick diagnosis and gentle but effective treatment that actually gives relief!!! Just do it !!!!!!! They’re are bloody lovely people too !" - Alexandra

We have Janine Cotterill observing in the clinic today. Janine is a 3rd year student of the McTimoney College of Chiropractic in Manchester. Janine first visited Kenworthy Chiropractic last spring when she helped us give free posture screens on Miller Park as part of Spinal Awareness Week. It's great to have her back for the day.

The new floor is now finished. Now all we need is a new ceiling and a treatment room building and we're good to go. Watch this space.

Martial arts expert Nicola Jane Aindow was all set to compete in the Tokyo International Open IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship when she injured her right knee. With only a few weeks until the competition Nicola feared the worst, but after her visit to Kenworthy Chiropractic she was soon back on the road to recovery and her Japanese dream was kept alive. Some of you may know Nicola from the women’s self defence classes she runs at Gracie Barra Preston. Nicola is a martial arts expert with over 25 years experience and a PhD to boot. Whilst Nicola hails from Tarleton she is now based in Oslo, Norway. Nicola pointed out that “the two main reasons I return to Preston is for my Jiu-Jitsu training and to visit Kenworthy Chiropractic. I’ve tried numerous chiropractors in the past, but this is the only treatment I’ve had that fixed my issues without making me feel like I’d taken a kicking." Indeed, Doctor of Chiropractic Johanna McCormick treats a number of wrestlers; MMA artists, boxers and Jiu-Jitsu specialists at Kenworthy Chiropractic and she works hard to keep them fighting fit and injury free between bouts.

"If I could have a session every day, I would!! Having scoliosis has caused quite a few problems for me. Johanna has not only helped to massively relieve these problems already in just two sessions, she's also helped make sense of why I have them and what can be done to ease them as much as possible. I leave feeling lighter, empowered with a newfound understanding of my condition/problems and in a lot less pain. Thank you thank you thank you! Can't recommend her enough."

Kenworthy Chiropractic is growing. We're having a new floor put into the back room so that we can build a second treatment room. We won't be hiring a second chiropractor immediately, but it's very much in the pipeline. We're also putting in a floor covering and some heating in the staff toilet so it can be used by our patients.

Kenworthy Chiopractic is now providing free hot beverages for all our patients. The clinic manager will be happy to prepare you a cup of his own blend freshly ground coffee, a good old cuppa, or a herbal tea.

What better way to show your partner you care then buying them a treatment at Kenworthy Chiropractic? Okay, you could maybe buy them a car...Or a weekend break, but failing that a chiropractic treatment is pretty amazing. Just call in to the clinic and we'll be happy to help.

Here we are catching some rays on Avenham Park before starting work on the cusp of our one year anniversary. Here are a few stat. facts from our first year in business:

Nationality of Patients Treated = 22 Average New Patients Per Week = 6.7 Most Popular Woman’s Name = 1st Christine; 2nd Joanne; 3rd Kate Most Popular Man's Name = 1st John; 2nd Chris; 3rd David Furthest Distance Travelled To Visit The Clinic = 2160 miles Youngest Patient Treated = 2 weeks Oldest Patient Treated = 90yrs. Missed Appointments = 113 Five Star Reviews = 57

Whilst on holiday in Goa Johanna McCormick DC felt a little out of shape after the 9 hour flight. So, she dropped in on her friend Alison Bale and swapped treatments (a real case of 'you fix my back, I'll fix yours'). Johanna felt fully revived after one treatment and would highly recommend a visit to Walking Tall in Candolim/Margao if you ever find yourself down that way.

Kenworthy Chiropractic is in the Home Handbook for Longridge & District, including Grimsargh & Goosnargh. So, if you're from the area and you've had a copy delivered, you can find us on page 46.

If you want to be Christmas ready there are still a few appointments available on Tuesday 19th, Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st of December. Then we're back on Thursday28th, Friday 29th and Saturday 30th of December. In the New Year the clinic will be open from Tuesday 2nd of January until Thursday the 4th of January. The clinic will then be closed until Tuesday 23rd of January. We've already taken a number of bookings for that week, so if you're thinking of booking don't leave it too long.

We'd like to send out a big thank you to all our patients that referred their friends, or family to us this year. This morning Johanna drew the raffle to see which of these kind people had won our £50 Marks and Spencer's voucher. The winner was a Mrs. C from Ashton and she has been informed of her win. Congratulations once again from Johanna and Stuart.

Here at Kenworthy Chiropractic we pride ourselves on providing a first class service. We aim to resolve your health issue as quickly as possible with the minimum number of treatments. This means we need to get more patients through the door, but happy patients tend to spread the word. Indeed, many of our patients have been so impressed they've made appointments for their entire family. In some cases our patients enjoy their treatments so much that Johanna as had to persuade them to visit less frequently.

Preston comes in for a lot of flak and whilst we’d agree that the transport system is hellish there’s a lot to love about this old town (city). In this post I’ll be covering some of Kenworthy Chiropractic’s favourite places to eat and drink. If you’d like a good cup of coffee and a delicious piece of ginger loaf cake (our favourite) and would rather avoid the chains then you should try Paluca’s on Guildhall Street. For a cheap and spicy lunch we can’t resist Coco’s Soul Food on Friargate, close to the Adelphi roundabout. Our favourite burger restaurant is We Don’t Give a Fork on Guildhall Street – Delicious, big portions and great value. Solita’s on Winckly Square is great for sharing platters of American style goodies. For dinner we usually go to the New Continental on South Meadow Lane or the The Theatre Street Bar and Grill on Theatre . We’ve been hearing great things about the Olive Tree Brasserie, so we’ll be giving that a try next. We love Indian food best of all and East Z East on Church Street has a few unusual dishes on its menu (The Paya, or “lamb’s trotters” (hooves surely?) is fantastic). When it comes to a pint we don’t really bother with the fashionable watering holes. We prefer the ‘old men’ type of pubs like the Old Vic on Fishergate. It’s not fancy, but they know how to look after their beer and it’s always very friendly. Alternatively, we wander down to The Bluebell on Church Street for a very cheap organic lager. So, that’s our choice – Where would you recommend?