Welcome to the Kenworthy Chiropractic news page. Check in frequently to find out what’s happening at the clinic. We’ll be posting all the latest news as well as hints and tips to improve your health, chiropractic articles, videos and even the occasional competition.

We love new patients. We really do, but due to exceptionally high demand Kenworthy Chiropractic is now at capacity and cannot take on any more new patients until Tuesday 5th of March 2019. We have increased the number of slots available each week, but they were... Read more

The second clinic room has now been built and our brand new and rather wonderful Atlas chiropractic table will be delivered tomorrow. An electrician is coming next week to fit a fan heater in the toilet, as well as some interior and exterior lighting. We still... Read more

There's not much to report at the clinic at the moment, so here's a picture of Johanna taking a brisk morning stroll before starting work. Kenworthy Chiropractic is still very busy, but I'm pleased to say that many of you have heeded our advice and... Read more

For Kenworthy Chiropractic it's been a very busy and rewarding year. The clinic is now very busy and Johanna is helping more patients than ever before. Whilst this is great news it means that some people are struggling to find appointments. If you are a... Read more

Kenworthy Chiropractic will close for Christmas on Friday 21st at 2pm. We are open again between Christmas and New Year on the 28th and 29th (please ring for these appointments) and then we reopen fully from Thursday January 3rd. In the mean time we've added... Read more

Johanna and I have been trying out a few new places to dine close to the clinic and we thought we’d share our findings. We have no affiliation to any of these restaurants and our findings are entirely subjective. Here they are listed in particular order (because... Read more

Last weekend Johanna attended the McTimoney Chiropractic Association Conference in Oxford. Whilst Johanna wasn't able to snag a chiropractor to join us in clinic she found the conference to be invaluable. Amongst her favourite speakers there was Deidre Edwards... Read more

...But if you want to sort out your gift buying problems nice and early then we have the solution. Why not treat your loved ones to a chiropractic treatment? We have gift vouchers available in £20 denominations and we do give change. Or, why not treat yourself... Read more

We started out on the journey towards a new clinic room last May, but it took three changes of workman before anyone showed up. We finally used a company belonging to one of our patients and they've done a great job. There are still one or two details to... Read more

The new clinic room build is now well under way. This picture was taken after 3 days work and we're now into the third week. Access to the toilet facilities is still limited and there's still some noise to deal with, but we are getting there. The clinic... Read more

We have one of those good problems - We're fully booked until November 6th. Of course we do get cancellations, so if you need an appointment do keep checking. However, if you're one of our patients that visits us regularly it might be worth booking early... Read more

If you have an appointment over the next week (23rd Nov - 27th Nov) please be aware that the toilet is out of action. We're having the second clinic room built so there's no access to the rear of the clinic. There may also be some building noise, but... Read more

The kind people at the McTimoney College of Chiropractic (word up Cathy) have sent us a copy of Becoming A Chiropractor, so if you're thinking of a career change do take a shufty whilst you're waiting for your next treatment. The book is written by the... Read more

Now, try not to get too excited, but it's Back Care Awareness Week. This year the focus is firmly placed upon the over 60's. The Back Care people say "Back pain is one of the major disabling health conditions among older adults aged 60 years and... Read more

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