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Welcome to the Kenworthy Chiropractic news page. Check in frequently to find out what’s happening at the clinic. We’ll be posting all the latest news as well as hints and tips to improve your health, chiropractic articles, videos and even the occasional competition.

Kenworthy Chiropractic is open again this week for the first time since the 13th of March. Johanna is very excited to see all her patients once more and you can expect the same friendly welcome even if you cannot see her smile. Johanna is having to work alone for the time being which means that any enquiries to the clinic will not be answered until she has a break. We are looking into ways of improving this situation, but please bear with us for the time being. I (Stuart) acted as a patient on Monday to trial a treatment in full PPE. My experience was that from a patient's perspective the treatment felt almost the same and it was just as effective as it was previously. Johanna found her experience a little different, but manageable. However, I think working in PPE for a full day will prove to be quite exhausting. Johanna has booked in a high volume of patients as she wanted to help as many people as possible. Please do be gentle with her as this is a brave new world and we are still figuring out the best way to make it all work. See you all soon.

From the 30th of June Kenworthy Chiropractic will be opening the clinic to patients in urgent need of treatment. The guidelines from our governing body mean that we can only treat patients that have a ‘medical need’. We interpret this as any discomfort/pain that is affecting your daily activities and that cannot be managed without a chiropractic treatment.

We have put numerous measures in place to create a safe clinic environment for both the Kenworthy Chiropractic team and our patients. In the very near future Johanna will be contacting all the patients whose care was disrupted to see if they still require a treatment and meet the necessary guidelines.

The online booking system will remain closed until we are able to offer a full service to all our patients. However, if you are suffering please do call the clinic and leave a message, or send us an email, or contact us via Messenger and we will get back to you.

Thank you to all our patients who have been in touch to see how we are doing; Johanna and the team cannot wait to get back to work. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Dear All,

Kenworthy Chiropractic is now closed for the next two weeks and online bookings can no longer me made via Cliniko. We will re-open as soon as we are able. Please keep up to date with all new developments via our Facebook page and website ‘news’ section.

We haven’t taken this step lightly, but having read the official research and advice it seems that social distancing is key in preventing more serious outbreaks of Covid-19. As a medical facility we have a duty to act earlier than many other institutions. The protection of our patients is imperative and we believe that by taking this action quite early we have done all we can to help you stay safe.

Finally, we will still be around if you’d like a chat. You can contact us via Messenger on our Facebook page. If you want any advice on managing a condition until we’re able to treat you in clinic we’ll be more than happy to help (unless we fall ill).

Stay safe everyone and we hope to see you all again sooner, rather than later.


Johanna, Emily, Tom, Stuart and Cathryn

The spread of the Coronavirus is a matter of concern, but the focus of the media on 'worst case' scenarios has led to a great deal of anxiety. At Kenworthy Chiropractic we always maintain high standards of hygiene. However, we are now increasing our precautions ahead of any potentially serious outbreak. That is, our practitioners will be washing their hands thoroughly after treating each patient (instead of sanitising) and the benches will also be disinfected, as will the communal areas. Hand sanitiser is also available for patients in the waiting room. This will ensure that our regime is keeping you all as safe as possible. It's not really necessary at this stage, but it means we'll have a functioning regime in place should the need arise. Here is a quote from Bruce Aylward, the World Health Organisation's Assistant Director General and veteran epidemiologist, that we found to be reassuring.

"...what China demonstrates is if you settle down, roll up your sleeves, and begin that systematic work of case finding and contact tracing, you definitely can change the shape of the outbreak, take the heat out of it, and prevent a lot of people from getting sick and a lot of the most vulnerable from dying."

Here we are in the depths of a drenched February with days so dull you almost need a torch to venture out. If that’s not tough enough the news is filled with woe and anger it's easy to fall into a funk. However, it is worth remembering that there is still a lot of good in the world and that kindness is a lot more common than one might think. Indeed, we see and hear about great acts of kindness and compassion almost every single day in the clinic. For example, Rory has been a patient at Kenworthy Chiropractic since our first year of opening. Rory was a very premature baby and as a result he has multiple serious health issues. Consequently, Rory must see a vast array of health care professionals in order to get the care he needs to live day to day. Some of this care is provided by the NHS, but others, such as his chiropractic treatment, has to be paid for privately. One of our regular patients heard about Rory’s plight and immediately offered to help out by paying for all Rory’s future treatments. This was an altruistic act of kindness that has had a significant and positive impact on Rory’s life. This isn’t a standalone case either. We have many other patients that pay for the treatments of their friends, or family members without any thought of reciprocity. They’re just good people doing good things. Have a nice, if soggy, day.

The picture above shows Rory putting Johanna her through her paces. If you want to know more about Rory please follow this link

We'd like to offer a huge thank you to Sally and family for this amazing belated Christmas present. Johanna always admired the art work on Sally's son's wheelchair, so she went to the trouble of commissioning this portrait from the same artist. Johanna's so impressed with the result that we'll be putting it up on the website as well as in the clinic. We might even commission some more portraits for the rest of the staff (although I bet mine won't get as big a frame as Johanna's).

The day to day work of the chiropractor is physically demanding. So, to counter the wear and tear on their bodies these body manipulators practice what they preach with regular chiropractic treatments. This type of wellness care allows them to address any issues before they become problematic. Now that Tom has joined the Kenworthy Chiropractic team he will serve as Johanna's number one chiropractor and vice versa. This will give them both the very best chance of remaining fit and able as they tackle the many challenges of life in the clinic.

Please be aware that Kenworthy Chiropractic will be closed from Thursday 23rd of January and we will re-open from Tuesday 11th of February. We (Johanna and Stuart) will be in India until the 9th of February so we won’t be able to answer any enquiries until we return. When the clinic re-opens we will have our new chiropractor, Tom Roselle, working alongside Johanna which will mean more appointments will be available. As mentioned previously our prices will increase from February, but in most cases not by very much. We look forward to seeing you all when we return as the clinic grows and moves into this new and exciting phase.

It's been very difficult watching the devastation caused by the bush fires in Australia, so we've decided to make a small donation and become a koala protector via the WWF. For a mere £25 you can help them to help the koalas right now and re-plant their habitat for the future (this helps all the other animals too). If you'd like to become a koala protector can do so at

As most of you already know, the clinic has been operating at capacity for the last year. This has meant that standard appointments have been at a premium and new patients have, in some cases, had to wait almost two months to be seen. To remedy the situation we have hired a new and very talented chiropractor, a Mr Tom Roselle. Tom will be working on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Kenworthy Chiropractic from the 11th of February 2020. Tom will be taking appointments from 8.30am which will give our patients the option of attending the clinic before they start work. All of Johanna’s existing patients can still book their appointments with her, but should she be fully booked they will now have the option to book with Tom. Johanna is now so busy that she won’t be taking on many more new patients. Consequently, the majority of new patients will now be seen by Tom (unless it is essential that the patient sees a woman practitioner, or is attending the clinic for pregnancy related issues). We’re very excited to have Tom on board and we believe it will help the clinic go from strength to strength. Onwards and upwards.

Happy New Year from Kenworthy Chiropractic. We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. Please be aware that we will be away from the 24th of January until the 11th of February (more about that in future posts). This year promises to be very interesting for the clinic. When we return in February we will be adding a new chiropractor to our team for two days each week. This will allow us to take on more new patients and be able to provide more appointments at short notice. I will be giving Tom a proper introduction nearer his start date as he deserves more time and space than I can give him here. We'll also be adding a new member of admin staff to the team from Tuesday next week and I'll also introduce Emily properly then. So, lots of changes that ought to make the clinic even stronger than it is now. We look forward to seeing you all in 2020. P.S. The photo shown was taken during a rather disappointing Christmas trip to Barrow In Furness.

We know that many of our patients already use CBD oil, or are interested in giving it a try. That's why we've decided to stock this high quality product from yourzooki. Both Johanna and myself use CBD oil on a daily basis and we're constantly sending patients email links to show patients where they can buy good quality oil. Now it couldn't be easier as you can simply buy a bottle from Kenworthy Chiropractic whenever you have an appointment, or when you're just in town. To begin with we'll be stocking the 10% strength as this what we use. It isn't cheap at £69.99 for 10ml, but you do get what you pay for (this brand is stocked by Harrods, Selfridges and Planet Organic). Don't worry, we won't be giving you the hard sell. If you want to buy CBD Oil from us we'll be happy to oblige, but you if you're not interested that's fine by us. In the weeks to come we will also be stocking a 3% oil that retails at £27.99. We should have some of the 10% oil on sale in the clinic from Thursday 21st of November. Samples will be available if you'd like to give it a try. Tomorrow I'll post more about the product itself so you're all fully informed.

The clinic is full for now, so I'm afriad we're having to put new patients on hold until next year. That said, new appointments might still become available before February due to rescheduling, or the cancelling of appointments. So, if you would like to visit Johanna sooner rather than later do keep an eye on our schedule via our online booking service.

I know, it's not Christmas. It's not even December. That said, now is a good time to tell you about our Christmas opening hours so you can plan ahead. This year we're going to be closed for slightly longer than we have been for the last two years. Our final week runs from Tuesday 17th - Saturday the 21st of December. The Tuesday is already almost fully booked, but there are plenty of appointments still available throughout the rest of the week. The clinic will then close at lunch time on Saturday 21st and will re-open on Friday 3rd of January. I'm afraid we won't be able to add any extra appointments as Johanna is already working her Xmas socks off. However, we aren't taking on any new patients for the last two weeks to create more availability for our regular patients. If you do pay us a visit in our final working week we'll be serving up gingerbread and Christmas coffee, so save some room.

Nothing says Christmas like an industrial sized, grey, Dr. Graeme Massager. Okay, so it's not the most aesthetically pleasing gift you're likely to find under your Christmas tree this year, but you'll be hard pressed to find anything more useful. Whilst your friendly chiropractor is stuffing down the mince pies this will help to keep your aches and pains at bay until she returns. We sell this beauties for £49.50 which I don't think can be beaten anywhere. So, if you want to treat a friend, family member, or keep it all to your self please drop me a line via Facebook, email, or give me a ring in the clinic. I'll be putting our Christmas order in this Friday ((15th). P.S. Apologies for mentioning Christmas in November, but like Santa I have to plan ahead.

On Friday Johanna spent a fabulous evening at a gala to support one of her favourite patients, Rory Curzon-Smith (in the photograph Johanna is shown with Sally, Rory's proud mum). It was a rather grand affair held at Bartle Hall and true to form Johanna had a ball. Not only that, but she won a hamper of confectionary. Talk about the luck of the Irish. This year we know many people are looking to donate to charity in lieu of giving presents. If you fall into this category, then might we suggest you make your donation to Rory's Rec Fund. Follow the link below to read more about Rory and to make any donations.

Three years ago today (Friday 11th Oct.)Johanna and I took our first look at 9 Theatre Street and decided it would be ideal for our (Johanna's) chiropractic clinic. Johanna was still in her final year at the time, so it felt like a very big step. By the middle of January we were all set, although it's taken another 2 years for Johanna to get the clinic just how she wants it. It's been hard work, but we love it and we're so glad we took the plunge.

As I believe I've mentioned before all chiropractors must complete 30 hours of personal development a year if they are to retain their registration with the General Chiropractic Council. Consequently, Johanna is closing the clinic early today. She'll then be heading off to Abingdon in Oxfordshire where she is meeting up with a number of her fellow former students for a couple of days of intensive learning. As part of the weekend Johanna and her friend Nicola will be giving a talk on pregnancy and chiropractic. Other topics covered will include diversified chiropractic techniques, the philosophy of chiropractic and the examination of a number of case studies. I, on the other hand, will be putting my feet up. Happy weekend everyone.

We've been getting lots of wonderful 5 star Google reviews of late, so we're going to share some of them with you. Thanks to all those that take the time to leave such kind words.

Kenworthy Chiropractic has invested in a top of the range Belloost pregnancy pillow. This allows women with even the biggest bumps to be treated face down in much more comfort than we could offer previously. I (the clinic manager) modelled for the photograph and I can report that my 'could be 6 months pregnant' stomach was well protected.