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Welcome to the Kenworthy Chiropractic news page. Check in frequently to find out what’s happening at the clinic. We’ll be posting all the latest news as well as hints and tips to improve your health, chiropractic articles, videos and even the occasional competition.

From Thursday 27th of January 2022 the Government has announced the removal of many of the compulsory safety measures that have been in place across England, including the use of face coverings in public places.

The dark clouds of Covid might be starting to clear, all be it quite slowly, but we would like to remind all our patients that Kenworthy Chiropractic is a health care setting and consequently face coverings will continue to be mandatory for all patients (and essential visitors) attending the clinic. Many of our patients have complex medical conditions and are extremely vulnerable and these measures will ensure their safety when they visit. We would like to thank you for your continued support and for helping to protect those that might still be at risk.

We also kindly ask all patients with upcoming appointments that are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms to let us know as soon as possible so that we may reschedule your appointment. We will do our utmost to fit you in as soon as you are testing negative again. If you are experiencing symptoms please follow Government stay at home guidance:

All clinic staff will continue to use high quality PPE and continue to employ all the infection prevention measures that have worked so effectively up to now. Not only will this keep our staff safe, but it will allow the clinic to remain open and operating at maximum capacity so that waiting times for appointments are kept to a minimum.

We’d like to thank all our patients for all their help and understanding until now and in the future.

Kind Regards

The Kenworthy Chiropractic Team

Congratulations to our fabulous CA Emily on the birth of her beautiful son, Harry. This little bundle of joy made a rather late entrance, finally coming into the world on Thursday evening. Harry weighed in at 8lb 8oz and is now feeding well and making his presence felt. Emily was an absolute super star (no surprise there) and is now back at home with her husband and proud dad, Thomas and her eldest son, Jack. Everyone at Kenworthy Chiropractic wishes them well. What a Christmas this will be.

It was Emily’s last day in clinic yesterday as she headed off into the sunset of maternity leave. Most of the team came along to say goodbye and share a few sandwiches and cakes and it was nice to have a proper get together (with some safety measures). It doesn’t seem five minutes since Emily started working at the clinic and she will be missed. We look forward to her return in a year’s time, but Johanna wil be keeping a close eye on her and giving her chiropractic care right up to and after the birth. I’m sure you’d want to join us in thanking Emily for her hard work and sending positive vibes for all the fun and games to come.

It’s the end of an era at Kenworthy Chiropractic, all be it quite a short era. Tom Roselle was the first chiropractor Johanna asked to join the business and it’s been a real pleasure working with him. We knew that Tom would only be with us for a relatively short time as he also runs his own chiropractic clinic in Greater Manchester. Now that he’s earned a sizeable following closer to home it ‘s time for him to cut out the commute and focus on his own business. In the picture below Johanna is presenting Tom with a bag of goodies mostly consisting of real ales, although it does look like she’s just walked in from the supermarket. All Tom’s patients will continue to receive their McTimoney chiropractic treatments from either Janine, or Johanna. We wish Tom all the best for the future and we’ll be staying in touch as often as possible.

What a week it's been for two of our chiropractors, Janine and Tom. They both travelled down to Oxford with their families to attend their graduation ceremonies and take the chiroprctic oath. The trials and tribulations of lockdown had postponed procceddings, so it was a real celebration and a chance for them to catch up with their colleagues. Kenworthy Chiropractic would like to congratulate Janine and Tom and we believe we're very fortunate to have them both on our team.

Each day I spend a relatively short amount of time on a treadmill at home to maintain a basic level of fitness - And I find it so tedious it makes me want to throw myself to the floor. To combat the overwhelming boredom of exercise I’ve started listening to books on Audible and it’s really helped me stick to my program. The current book I’m listening to is Breath: The New Science Of A Lost Art by James Nestor. The book looks at the role of breathing as more than simply keeping us alive. Indeed, Mr. Nester makes the claim that controlled breathing can actually make us much healthier and even cure many chronic conditions. The author looks at the subject in a historical, religious, social and medical context, sometimes using scientific research and sometimes mere anecdotes. I’m about halfway through the book and I’ve found it to be both entertaining and informative. The one major change that Nestor recommends is breathing through the nose. He states that those of us with allergies, deviated septums and other issues that lead us to breathe through our mouths, are actually making ourselves even more unwell. However, many of these negative impacts can be reversed if we start to breathe through our noses. The author claims there are even more improvements to be had if we also learn to slow our breathing, but I’m saving that for a later date. Right now I’m attempting to retrain myself to breathe through my nose. I’m even putting tape across my mouth at night so that I don’t cheat whilst I’m asleep. After a month I’ll report back and let you know if I’ve experienced any changes (or if I managed to keep up the effort beyond a few days). If any of you are also attempting something similar please let us know how you get on.

Please be aware that our existing Covid-19 prevention policy will remain in place after July 19th. Our governing body has stipulated this is the only safe way for us to continue to practice and our insurance is dependant upon it. Moreover, should any of our staff contract Covid we would have to close the clinic and the knock on effect of so many cancellations would have an impact for weeks to come. Therefore, we ask that prior to your appointment:

  • Should you experience any Covid-19 symptoms please inform us immediately. These now include a headache, runny nose, sore throat, sneezing.

  • If you have a family member in your household that is infected please do not attend the clinic.

  • If you have been contacted by track and trace, or believe you have been exposed to other people in a high risk environment, please do not attend the clinic.

  • If you have lateral flow tests available we would really appreciate it if you take one before attending (but this is not essential).

When Attending The Clinic:

  • Please wear a mask before you enter. If you do not have a mask, knock on the door you you will be provided with one.

  • Please sanitise your hands upon entering the clinic.

  • Note that we are using ventilation in the clinic rooms to prevent transmission. It might be a little noisier than usual, but it is necessary.

The next few weeks will be a real challenge as restrictions are relaxed and transmission is predicted to increase exponentially. With your continued support we believe we can continue to operate a full clinic as we have done throughout most of this crisis. Thank you so much for all your help and cooperation to date.

Lancashire is at the forefront of the fight against Covid once more, but we are open and expect to remain open in the long term.

Recent studies have proven that Covid-19 is an airborne virus whilst most preventive measures have been put in place to combat droplet transmission. Ventilation is key to preventing transmission of airborne viruses and Kenworthy Chiropractic has three ventilation systems that can replace the air of each room in 7 minutes (and which are capable of catching Covid particles preventing them from circulating). Throw in our rigorous triage system which helps us to screen all our patients before they arrive and you can see why we are able to continue to serve our community. We look forward to seeing you over the summer.

By now many of you will have met, or been treated by Kenworthy Chiropractic’s extremely talented chiropractor Janine Cotterill. Indeed, Janine’s skills are so highly regarded that she is now also teaching at the McTimoney Chiropractic College in Manchester. In the photos below we see Janine teaching chiropractic technique to a group of rapt second year students. It will be a few years yet until these prospective chiropractors qualify, but with Janine in their corner their long journey will be all the more productive and enjoyable.

From the 22nd of February Kenworthy Chiropractic will be open on Mondays for the very first time. The clinic is open from 2pm-8pm, although chiropractic treatments will only be available from 2pm until 6pm initially. When we open the evening slots we will let you know know. So, banish the Monday blues and book yourself in online, or call the clinic during our opening hours.

Back to my dad’s side of the family this week in the quest for Kenworthy links to the fair city of Preston. My grandfather was Harold Kenworthy, the son of Joshua and Mary, and he grew up in a house just off Bow Lane which has since been demolished to make way for the LCC car parks. Harold started work as a runner for the Post Office, but soon worked his way up through the organisation. His expertise in signals and telecommunications was put to use in WW2 where he rose to the rank of Major. Harold was involved in most of the largest European campaigns and we even found copies of the top secret plans for Operation Overlord (the Normandy landings) in an old cabin he used to rear turkeys after the war. Harold married Doris Huyton before the war and their reception was held in a tea room at Lane Ends. Doris was raised in Plungington as one of six children and she went on to raise four sons of her own, including my dad, Ian. After the war Harold and Doris travelled widely and even relocated to Malta for a while. However, they spent most of there retirement just outside Preston in Longton. Today you will find a memorial bench in their name on Longton Brickcroft Nature Reserve.

Kenworthy Chiropractic is four years old today (Wednesday 3rd). The peace lily in the photo was a gift to Johanna from the NHS staff she worked with whilst she was training to be a chiropractor. It is also the longest surviving plant Johanna has ever owned. Anyway, it’s been a hectic, but rewarding four years and we really have loved most of it. Thanks to all of you for helping to make the clinic such a success. When we started out it we were just a husband and wife combo, but in that short time we now have a team of seven - And they’re helping us go from strength to strength. Here’s to the next four years.

After the rather macabre history last week I’ve switched to my (Stuart) dad’s side of the family, although it’s not exactly a barrel of laughs. Pictured below are my great grandparents, Joshua and Mary Kenworthy. Joshua and Mary lived in a house (now demolished) in the Bow Lane area, just off Fishergate Hill. Joshua worked as a labourer and railway worker, whilst Mary raised two sons and also worked as a cleaner at County Hall. In spite of the physical demands of his job Joshua found time to play football for Chorley FC in the club’s earliest incarnation and was a keen supporter of Preston North End. Unfortunately, whilst watching PNE from the terraces Joshua got a soaking, developed pneumonia and eventually died at the age of 56. Mary was left to raise her two sons alone and garnered a reputation as quite a stern Victorian matriarch. However, Mary, or Nana as I knew her, was still with us when I was a little boy and I remember visiting her shortly before she died. This old, old lady from another era was all smiles and kindness towards me and she even gave me a silver sixpence (which really ages me). Today, Johanna and I live a stones throw from the site of Joshua and Mary’s old house and Kenworthy Chiropractic is just up the road on Theatre Street. I wonder what they would have made of us and our chiropractic clinic?

Preston & Kenworthy Chiropractic Johanna is a relative newcomer and covert to Preston, but clinic manager and co-owner Stuart Kenworthy (me) has deeper roots. In the coming weeks I’m going to post a few pieces about my predecessors and their place in Preston’s history. My great, great, great aunt on my mother’s side was Annie Ratcliffe. Annie’s story is both tragic and well-documented. Annie lived at the Blue Bell pub on Church Street where her father, Alfred, was the landlord. The 3rd of August 1881 was supposed to be Annie’s wedding day. That morning she left the Blue Bell and headed out to meet her fiancée John Aspinall Simpson at the Sir Walter Scott pub on the old North Road. It was reported that the landlady left the two of them alone, but rushed back into the bar after hearing a scream to find Annie dying with her throat cut. Annie was only 16 years old when she was killed and she was also reported to pregnant. To my knowledge a motive was never established for her killing. John was subsequently convicted of murder and was executed by hanging at Strangeways Prison in Manchester on November 28th (Johanna’s birthday) 1881. Annie was buried in Preston Old Cemetery where her tomb stone still stands (lies) to this day. The Sir Walter Scott pub profited from its notoriety and it was reported that ghoulish patrons would seat themselves at the table where Annie was murdered and where her blood stains still remained. The Sir Walter Scott pub was demolished some time ago, but it was said to have stood more or less where the bus station taxi stand is located today. At the time Johanna and I got married we weren’t familiar with the details of this story, but it’s a rather strange coincidence that the venue in which we chose to be married in 2005 was Sir Walter Scott’s courtroom in Selkirk. We’ve also been known to stop by the Blue Bell for a pint, or two just to show solidarity with poor Annie.

Pictured: Annie Ratcliffe and her killer, John Aspinall Simpson.

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Janine Cotterill, a highly talented and exceptionally friendly chiropractor that will be joining Kenworthy Chiropractic in the New Year. Janine is a local lass hailing from the idyllic shores of Lytham St. Annes. She has a BA (Hons) in Western Philosophy and has numerous diplomas for a range of complementary therapies. After spending some time as a complementary therapist on the cruise liners visiting exotic locations around the globe Janine returned to make her home in Manchester, where she now lives with her husband Paul and daughter, Mia. Back on dry land Janine worked as a complementary therapist at the MS Therapy Centre (North West) for 13 years and it was this experience that led to her interest in chiropractic. Like Johanna and Tom, Janine trained at the McTimoney College of chiropractic which makes her the perfect fit for the clinic. In fact, some of you will all ready have met Janine as she has been performing posture screens and observing in clinic since the very first year Kenworthy Chiropractic opened back in 2017 As soon as we have all Janine’s paperwork sorted out we will be opening up her calander appointments on Cliniko, which we hope will be in early January 2021. What a great start to our New Year. We simply cannot wait to have Janine become a part of our team.

It’s that time of the year where we’re all obligated to furnish our loved ones with gifts that will light up their eyes and warm the very cockles of their hearts. This process isn’t always as enjoyable as the Christmas adverts would have us believe. Jolly winking snowman, comedic carrots and attentive robins are replaced by hatched-faced shoppers with thousand yard stares and “currently out of stock” notices. If that wasn’t tough enough, Dad wants a Tesla and Mum fancies a course of Tango lessons in Havana, but you were thinking of something a little more affordable. Well, allow us to remedy the situation with our gift vouchers for chiropractic care (£20 each), or our trusty Dr. Graeme massagers (£49.50). Getting enough excercise throughout the Covid months has been tricky and many of us are less flexible and fit than we were last year at this time. That’s why either of these gifts are likely to be one of the best presents you could possibly buy for you loved ones - Especially the ones that tend to grumble about their aches and pains, but have always fallen short of doing anything about it. I’ve even made you a sparkly picture to get you in Christmas spirit

The safety measures implemented at Kenworthy Chiropractic are stringent and that is what allows us to stay open throughout this ongoing crisis. Of course, we couldn’t make this work without a little assistance, so we’d like to thank all of our patients for helping us keep the clinic open during these difficult times. Everyone has pitched in by filling out their health declaration forms allowing us to identify anyone that might be considered a risk. All our patients wear masks whilst in clinic and our practitioners are dressed in full PPE. We have also implemented rigorous cleaning procedures and we disinfect all relevant surfaces between patients. We even use a spray that takes down any particles in the air and disinfects them. As the figures rise we are researching additional ways to make the clinic as safe as possible. Recently, we read a new scientific report that focused on the benefits of air filtration/ventilation in minimising the risk on infection indoors. That’s why we’ve just taken delivery of three air filtration units that filter all the air every 15 minutes (see rather boring picture below). By keeping up to date with all the latest developments and following strict hygiene regimes we hope to be able to keep the clinic open permanently. Thanks again for your cooperation.

The team working at Kenworthy Chiropractic continues to grow and grow and grow. Consequently, we thought it was a good time to update all our portrait photos for this very website. We believe we've made a great contribution to Preston since Kenworthy Chiropractic opened in 2017 and we're proud of the city we call home. To reflect this, each portrait will be overlayed over a famous Preston landmark. Doctor Of Chiropractic, Johanna McCormick has opted for the Brutalist beauty of the bus station as seen here. Moreover, to illustrate the bond between our clinic and Preston the landmark backgrounds will be in the Kenworthy Chiropractic colours. So, keep your eyes peeled as they will be being uploaded to this website very shortly.

Trying to get from A to B in Preston city centre these days can feel like you're playing a game that's almost impossible to win. Fishergate has been blocked off to all but business traffic. Pop up cycle lanes have cut other access points to the city centre and the Adelphi roundabout is still a no-go zone. So, here are some tips on strategy that should help you reach Kenworthy Chiropractic with the minimum of stress and make you feel like a winner in the game of Preston.

If you are visiting the clinic the main advice we can offer is to head for one of the main car parks that fringe the city centre. You can still get in and out of the St. George's Shopping Centre car park on Lune Street. You will also find easy access to the Avenham car park if you're coming in from London Road.

However, the best options overall are still the Fishergate Centre car park, or the St. Wilfred's Street Car Park (Behind Caffe Nero & Bruciannis). Stick to these car parks and you won't have any issues and you won't have very far to walk.

For those with impaired mobility we realise this is not much use at all. Those of you in possession of a disabled parking permit can park almost opposite Theatre Street in two spaces alongside Caffe Nero (which can still be accessed from ringway). However, if you need direct access to the clinic it might be worth calling the council to ask them how they might assist you.

We’ll be taking our Daverob design print along to be framed later this week. In the mean time we’ve had these splendid mugs made and an order of tote bags with the same design is heading our way. If you’d like to sign up the very talented Dave Robinson up for a commission of your own click on the link above. If you’d like to buy some of his other rather wonderful Preston projects go to his site at: