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Meet Our New Chiropractor

As most of you already know, the clinic has been operating at capacity for the last year. This has meant that standard appointments have been at a premium and new patients have, in some cases, had to wait almost two months to be seen. To remedy the situation we have hired a new and very talented chiropractor, a Mr Tom Roselle. Tom will be working on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Kenworthy Chiropractic from the 11th of February 2020. Tom will be taking appointments from 8.30am which will give our patients the option of attending the clinic before they start work. All of Johanna’s existing patients can still book their appointments with her, but should she be fully booked they will now have the option to book with Tom. Johanna is now so busy that she won’t be taking on many more new patients. Consequently, the majority of new patients will now be seen by Tom (unless it is essential that the patient sees a woman practitioner, or is attending the clinic for pregnancy related issues). We’re very excited to have Tom on board and we believe it will help the clinic go from strength to strength. Onwards and upwards.

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