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Kenworthy Chiropractic Xmas Presents

It’s that time of the year where we’re all obligated to furnish our loved ones with gifts that will light up their eyes and warm the very cockles of their hearts. This process isn’t always as enjoyable as the Christmas adverts would have us believe. Jolly winking snowman, comedic carrots and attentive robins are replaced by hatched-faced shoppers with thousand yard stares and “currently out of stock” notices. If that wasn’t tough enough, Dad wants a Tesla and Mum fancies a course of Tango lessons in Havana, but you were thinking of something a little more affordable. Well, allow us to remedy the situation with our gift vouchers for chiropractic care (£20 each), or our trusty Dr. Graeme massagers (£49.50). Getting enough excercise throughout the Covid months has been tricky and many of us are less flexible and fit than we were last year at this time. That’s why either of these gifts are likely to be one of the best presents you could possibly buy for you loved ones - Especially the ones that tend to grumble about their aches and pains, but have always fallen short of doing anything about it. I’ve even made you a sparkly picture to get you in Christmas spirit

Written by Stuart Kenworthy on