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In Praise Of Preston

Preston comes in for a lot of flak and whilst we’d agree that the transport system is hellish there’s a lot to love about this old town (city). In this post I’ll be covering some of Kenworthy Chiropractic’s favourite places to eat and drink. If you’d like a good cup of coffee and a delicious piece of ginger loaf cake (our favourite) and would rather avoid the chains then you should try Paluca’s on Guildhall Street. For a cheap and spicy lunch we can’t resist Coco’s Soul Food on Friargate, close to the Adelphi roundabout. Our favourite burger restaurant is We Don’t Give a Fork on Guildhall Street – Delicious, big portions and great value. Solita’s on Winckly Square is great for sharing platters of American style goodies. For dinner we usually go to the New Continental on South Meadow Lane or the The Theatre Street Bar and Grill on Theatre . We’ve been hearing great things about the Olive Tree Brasserie, so we’ll be giving that a try next. We love Indian food best of all and East Z East on Church Street has a few unusual dishes on its menu (The Paya, or “lamb’s trotters” (hooves surely?) is fantastic). When it comes to a pint we don’t really bother with the fashionable watering holes. We prefer the ‘old men’ type of pubs like the Old Vic on Fishergate. It’s not fancy, but they know how to look after their beer and it’s always very friendly. Alternatively, we wander down to The Bluebell on Church Street for a very cheap organic lager. So, that’s our choice – Where would you recommend?

Written by Stuart Kenworthy on