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Preston Dining 2018

Eat Preston

Johanna and I have been trying out a few new places to dine close to the clinic and we thought we’d share our findings. We have no affiliation to any of these restaurants and our findings are entirely subjective. Here they are listed in particular order (because we don’t agree on which one we like the best).

  1. KimJi (Winckley Street) – A small Korean restaurant just off Fishergate that opened in November 2018. I tried the beef bipbimbap (see photo). It was delicious, but there wasn’t quite enough meat (I believe the portions are now more generous). Johanna tried the chicken bulgogi from the BBQ section and it was served with a generous portion of chicken and was two thumbs up scrummy. Prices are reasonable (I think they’re offering a lunch deal at just over £7 at the moment)

  2. The Otter’s Pocket (Winckley Street) – Another Winckley Street arrival serving pie and mash. Some diners have gnashed their feet and stamped their teeth, or something like that, about the prices, but we liked it. If you want a cheap pie then Greenhalgh’s on Fishergate ain't half bad, but if you want a seat, a pint and something a bit fancier this is worth a punt. I had the steak and Garstang blue, whilst Johanna went for the steak with champ mash - We demolished both of them. They also serve a butter pie, venison and my next order – rabbit, mushroom and brandy.

  3. Fino Tapas (Wilfrid Street). Owned by the same guy that set up The Otter’s Pocket and We Don’t Give A Fork. Johanna loved her meal and had a great time. Most of my food good, but the price of the meal made it difficult to digest. If you like tapas I think you’ll like this. I don’t. I was still hungry and with empty pockets to boot. Johanna will return with friends. I will not.

  4. Wings & Beer (Canon Street) This sports bar was open for a year before we ventured in. If you want piles of American style cooking then you won’t be disappointed. We tend to have the peanut butter wings and then a few sides, but I also have a soft spot for the ball park fries (fries, chopped up sausage, chillies; cheese; mayo and ketchup). Fine dining it is not, but the portions are XXL. And if you don’t have Sky you can watch sporting things whilst ruining your chance of ever taking part in any of them. The food is cheap, the drinks less so.

  5. The Lazy Cat Café (Canon Street) Some people are opposed to the concept because they don’t believe it’s ethical to exploit felines for entertainment (although if cats could do the same to us they definitely would). If you’re not one of those people you’ll probably like this place. They have their own signature coffee and vegan cakes a plenty as well as friendly staff. And, if you like cats, they have plenty of those too, although you can sit café side if you’re moggy averse.

  6. Cafune (Cheapside) – A South American café serving Brazilian coffee and traditional dishes. I’m a big fan of black beans, so I’m a sucker for their breakfasts. The one in the photo comes with plantain, avocado and a traditional and very large Argentinian sausage (ahem). You can sit outside and stare at the Harris museum if the weather’s nice, but there’s plenty of room inside. The prices are reasonable and if you like arepa you can’t go far wrong.

Photo: Top left is Wings&beer. Top right is Cafune. Bottom is KimJi

Written by Stuart Kenworthy on