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Don't Panic!

The spread of the Coronavirus is a matter of concern, but the focus of the media on 'worst case' scenarios has led to a great deal of anxiety. At Kenworthy Chiropractic we always maintain high standards of hygiene. However, we are now increasing our precautions ahead of any potentially serious outbreak. That is, our practitioners will be washing their hands thoroughly after treating each patient (instead of sanitising) and the benches will also be disinfected, as will the communal areas. Hand sanitiser is also available for patients in the waiting room. This will ensure that our regime is keeping you all as safe as possible. It's not really necessary at this stage, but it means we'll have a functioning regime in place should the need arise. Here is a quote from Bruce Aylward, the World Health Organisation's Assistant Director General and veteran epidemiologist, that we found to be reassuring.

"...what China demonstrates is if you settle down, roll up your sleeves, and begin that systematic work of case finding and contact tracing, you definitely can change the shape of the outbreak, take the heat out of it, and prevent a lot of people from getting sick and a lot of the most vulnerable from dying."

Written by Stuart Kenworthy on