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Kenworthy Chiropractic is open again this week for the first time since the 13th of March. Johanna is very excited to see all her patients once more and you can expect the same friendly welcome even if you cannot see her smile. Johanna is having to work alone for the time being which means that any enquiries to the clinic will not be answered until she has a break. We are looking into ways of improving this situation, but please bear with us for the time being. I (Stuart) acted as a patient on Monday to trial a treatment in full PPE. My experience was that from a patient's perspective the treatment felt almost the same and it was just as effective as it was previously. Johanna found her experience a little different, but manageable. However, I think working in PPE for a full day will prove to be quite exhausting. Johanna has booked in a high volume of patients as she wanted to help as many people as possible. Please do be gentle with her as this is a brave new world and we are still figuring out the best way to make it all work. See you all soon.

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