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Welcome to the Kenworthy Chiropractic news page. Check in frequently to find out what’s happening at the clinic. We’ll be posting all the latest news as well as hints and tips to improve your health, chiropractic articles, videos and even the occasional competition.

Following a reshuffle of her cookbook collection Johanna as decided to give away all the cookbooks shown here. If you're in clinic today and you fancy expanding your culinary skills please do help yourself. We're giving away one book per patient until... Read more

Neither Johanna, or I bothered with a New year's resolution this year. Nor have we opted for a dry January, or a brand new diet that will completely change our lives. Oh no, not us. We've been down those roads many times over the years only to turn back... Read more

Each week your trusty chiropractor Janine and Chiropractic Assistant Ben are heading out into the metropolis that is Preston to source a tasty lunch, then report back on their findings. Today they made the short trip down Theatre Street, crossed Fishergate and... Read more

For weeks we've been driving past the "Farm Shop" signs in the middle of the roundabout on Leyland Road/Bee Lane/The Cawsey and we've always been too busy to follow the arrows down Bee Lane. On Thursday morning we finally made it to the Holme... Read more

St. Joesph's Orphange was a magnifcent building, but it was allowed to fall into such disrepair there was no option left but to knock it down. As you can see from the picture the demolition is now well under way, but the next part of the procedure will be... Read more

On the Kenworthy Chiropractic homepage you will find a short and rather jaunty video designed to introduce new patients to the clinic. The star of the show was our very own niece, Tabitha Kenworthy. Tabitha is a born and bred Aussie, but she dropped to help... Read more

From Thursday 27th of January 2022 the Government has announced the removal of many of the compulsory safety measures that have been in place across England, including the use of face coverings in public places.

The dark clouds of Covid might be starting... Read more

Congratulations to our fabulous CA Emily on the birth of her beautiful son, Harry. This little bundle of joy made a rather late entrance, finally coming into the world on Thursday evening. Harry weighed in at 8lb 8oz and is now feeding well and making his presence... Read more

It was Emily’s last day in clinic yesterday as she headed off into the sunset of maternity leave. Most of the team came along to say goodbye and share a few sandwiches and cakes and it was nice to have a proper get together (with some safety measures). It... Read more

It’s the end of an era at Kenworthy Chiropractic, all be it quite a short era. Tom Roselle was the first chiropractor Johanna asked to join the business and it’s been a real pleasure working with him. We knew that Tom would only be with us for a relatively... Read more

Each day I spend a relatively short amount of time on a treadmill at home to maintain a basic level of fitness - And I find it so tedious it makes me want to throw myself to the floor. To combat the overwhelming boredom of exercise I’ve started listening to... Read more

Please be aware that our existing Covid-19 prevention policy will remain in place after July 19th. Our governing body has stipulated this is the only safe way for us to continue to practice and our insurance is dependant upon it. Moreover, should any of our... Read more

Lancashire is at the forefront of the fight against Covid once more, but we are open and expect to remain open in the long term.

Recent studies have proven that Covid-19 is an airborne virus whilst most preventive measures have been put in place to combat... Read more

By now many of you will have met, or been treated by Kenworthy Chiropractic’s extremely talented chiropractor Janine Cotterill. Indeed, Janine’s skills are so highly regarded that she is now also teaching at the McTimoney Chiropractic College in Manchester.... Read more

From the 22nd of February Kenworthy Chiropractic will be open on Mondays for the very first time. The clinic is open from 2pm-8pm, although chiropractic treatments will only be available from 2pm until 6pm initially. When we open the evening slots we will let... Read more

Back to my dad’s side of the family this week in the quest for Kenworthy links to the fair city of Preston. My grandfather was Harold Kenworthy, the son of Joshua and Mary, and he grew up in a house just off Bow Lane which has since been demolished to make... Read more

Kenworthy Chiropractic is four years old today (Wednesday 3rd). The peace lily in the photo was a gift to Johanna from the NHS staff she worked with whilst she was training to be a chiropractor. It is also the longest surviving plant Johanna has ever owned.... Read more

After the rather macabre history last week I’ve switched to my (Stuart) dad’s side of the family, although it’s not exactly a barrel of laughs. Pictured below are my great grandparents, Joshua and Mary Kenworthy. Joshua and Mary lived in a house (now demolished)... Read more

Preston & Kenworthy Chiropractic Johanna is a relative newcomer and covert to Preston, but clinic manager and co-owner Stuart Kenworthy (me) has deeper roots. In the coming weeks I’m going to post a few pieces about my predecessors and their place in Preston’s... Read more

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Janine Cotterill, a highly talented and exceptionally friendly chiropractor that will be joining Kenworthy Chiropractic in the New Year. Janine is a local lass hailing from the idyllic shores of Lytham St. Annes.... Read more