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Johanna McCormick Doctor of Chiropractic

Johanna McCormick was born in Coleraine, Northern Ireland not far from the Giant’s Causeway. Johanna was always very sporty at school and won a number of awards for her achievements whilst simultaneously developing a love of disco.

Johanna moved to the UK to study in the 1990s and gained a Bsc (Hons) in Psychology at Uclan. Johanna took her PGCE shortly afterwards and took up a position teaching A-level psychology at St. Mary’s college Blackburn. Johanna greatly enjoyed her time as a teacher and had a special fondness for her naughtier pupils. However, after nine years she felt that she needed to move on and find a career that would allow her to help even more people.

At the time Johanna’s husband was receiving treatment from a McTimoney chiropractor for a bad back and Johanna was impressed with the quality of the treatment and the positive impact it had upon her husband’s life. Soon afterwards Johanna began training as a chiropractor at the McTimoney College in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

Whilst studying full time Johanna also worked for the NHS in various roles and the hard work and commitment of the people she worked with had a profound impact upon her and her attitude towards her patients.

After 5 years of intensive full time study Johanna qualified as a Doctor of Chiropractic and now, after a stint working in Manchester city centre, Johanna is available to take appointments at Kenworthy Chiropractic in Preston city centre. Johanna still loves disco.

Tom Roselle Doctor of Chiropractic

Tom is the first ever home-grown and educated Mancunian chiropractor the world has ever known - Go Tom. Hailing from a large family Tom soon set about creating his own dynasty. To that end he married his childhood sweetheart, Susie, and together they have a small daughter, Bea, aged 2.

Whilst Tom was in his youth his mum hurt her ankle so badly that she couldn’t walk without crutches. Some time later his mum visited a chiropractor and after a number of treatments found she could walk unaided once again. This amazing transformation was the basis for months of nagging from Tom’s gran until he finally agreed to start a chiropractic career at the newly opened McTimoney College of Chiropractic in Manchester. Tom might say he was bullied into his choice, but his gran would insist it was nothing more than a gentle nudge.

Tom first met Johanna when she was also a student at the college, long before Kenworthy Chiropractic was even a twinkle in her eye. Today, if you take a glance at the photo book in reception, there’s a picture of Tom helping out with a posture screen shortly after the clinic opened. The accompanying caption reads “ I hope to be able to bring a second chiropractor into the clinic by the end of the year. One of these McTimoney students would be ideal”. How prophetic.

Tom is very excited to join the clinic due to its friendly, welcoming nature, expertise and family-led influences and hopes to be a lasting and positive influence for everyone here in Preston. Welcome aboard Tom.

Cathryn Hamer Massage Therapist

Cathryn hails from Disley, on the edge of the Peak District near Stockport, where she grew up with a strong passion for the hills and for a variety of wild and wonderful outdoor pursuits (learning to scuba dive being her most recent endeavour).

Having been plagued by mild but regular back pain since adolescence, Cathryn finally found some relief after attending the student chiropractic clinic in Manchester in 2015 as a patient. Little did she know that this would be the start of a snowball effect which involved meeting Johanna, becoming a massage practitioner and signing up to a 5 year masters in Chiropractic – it’s amazing what becoming pain-free and receiving a little bit of encouragement from a certain someone can do!

Now in second year of chiropractic college, Cathryn is continually developing her skills as a bodyworker having completed a diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage in 2017.

Stuart Kenworthy Clinic Manager

Stuart Kenworthy is Johanna’s husband. He has two daughters and one stepson; Arianne aged 26, Tishan aged 24 and Kane aged 21. Stuart is a Prestonian born and bred and he began his working life as a photographer at Lancashire Police HQ.

Stuart left Preston briefly to work on a book for the University of Leicester and when his contract ended he stayed on to study sociology earning a double first. Having enjoyed the informal atmosphere of university life Stuart realised he was no longer suited to sensible employment, so he tried his hand at writing TV comedy instead. Stuart went on to work on a number of award winning shows such as Smack The Pony; Green Wing and TV Burp before getting his own BBC3 show, Scallywagga.

More recently Stuart has worked in children’s TV and animation, but after 17 years he’s decided to call it a day so he can help Johanna run her chiropractic clinic. In his spare time Stuart cooks Indian food, watches Twin Peaks and takes photographs that only he appreciates.

Emily Kitching Chiropractic Assistant

Emily was born in sunny Preston, but she has lived all her life in wildest Longridge (only joking Longridge). At a mere six weeks olds Emily was diagnosed with progressive infantile scoliosis making her the youngest child to receive such a diagnosis in the UK. To remedy the situation Emily has to wear a cast on her back for four long years – Which must have been tough for a little girl.

Emily claims she wasn’t a very good student, but she came good when it mattered and left school with all her GCSE’s. Emily then went on to study for the public service level 3 extended and passed with the highest marks possible (triple distinction star). With her education going from strength to strength Emily was accepted to study law and criminology at Lancaster university, but she put her studies on hold whilst she started a family.

Emily now lives with Thomas, her partner of six years and their two year old son, Jack. Like Emily, Jack had a difficult start as he was born with shoulder dystocia and he needed physiotherapy from being one week old (Emily says she wishes she had known Johanna back then).

Emily worked in retail for over 3 years and first came to Kenworthy chiropractic as a patient, before being snapped up to become our very first chiropractic assistant. Welcome to the team Emily.